BePATIENT and Vital Connect Announce Launch of BeVITAL in the US market

BePATIENT’s eHealth platform combined with Vital Connect’s HealthPatch MD allows hospitals to improve post-discharge patient care.

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Vital Connect, Inc., a leader in the design and deployment of wearable biosensor technologies, and BePATIENT, an innovative startup that develops patient-centric digital health solutions, announce the first North American deployment of BeVITAL. The remote patient monitoring solution combines VitalConnect’s FDA-cleared biosensor, HealthPatch® MD, with BePATIENT’s web-based solution and associated app, which allows the implementation of personalized healthcare programs accessible through mobile devices and computers.

This spring, BeVITAL will be used in a post-discharge heart failure patient monitoring study at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek and Concord, California. Dr. Neal White, the Heart Failure Director at John Muir said, “We’re looking forward to seeing how sensor technology and connected patients combine to improve heart failure outcomes for our patients, including reduced readmissions.” The BeVITAL Solution will also be used to follow patients returning home after outpatient surgical procedures at Hospital Infantile De Las Californias in Tijuana, Mexico in a study run by Scripps Translational Science Institute in San Diego.

The BeVITAL solution can be used to monitor and transmit eight FDA and CE cleared biometric data streams from HealthPatch MD directly to practitioners’ smartphones, tablets or computers. In addition, the BeVITAL Solution provides individualized care plans to patients along with meaningful insights to clinicians and researchers.

BeVITAL has already facilitated the post-discharge monitoring of over 80 surgical patients in clinical studies at five hospitals in Europe with two more deployments scheduled for this summer. Dr. Phillipe Topart, a surgeon from the Clinique de l’Anjou in France said, BeVITAL appears to be a pioneering, innovative solution allowing us to meet the requirements of bariatric surgery follow-up. In general surgery, the vital signs monitoring HealthPatch MD along with the BePATIENT mobile app is a unique tool for remote patient monitoring and detecting post-operative complications. This solution represents a major support tool in complex ambulatory surgery. It seems to me that BeVITAL is a leading connected health solution.

A patient-centric solution, BeVITAL has been positively received by patients. One patient reported, “The BeVITAL solution gave me the confidence I needed to leave the hospital earlier as I knew my medical team was remotely monitoring my health. It was really easy to use and help me understand what I needed to do after my surgery.” Through BeVITAL, BePATIENT and Vital Connect are delivering a true end-to-end solution that helps facilitate the transition toward value-based care.

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BePATIENT develops a unique and flexible patient-centric eHealth platform that empowers patients and promotes continuity of care. This web-based solution runs on smartphones, tablets and computers. The BePATIENT eHealth platform has a unique flexibility as it is based on a modular approach. Each module offers a specific feature: Risk assessments, remote monitoring, social network, eLearning, personal health record, care coordination, registries and clinical studies. BePATIENT works closely with healthcare service providers to help them build their own custom digital health programs, perfectly adapted to their needs. Depending on the module selection, programs can be dedicated to patients, to professionals or both. For more information, visit

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Vital Connect is a leader in wearable biosensor technology for wireless hospital and remote patient monitoring. Vital Connect leverages extensive expertise in bioengineering, data analytics, chip design, and mobile and cloud software, creating technology that supports decision-making paradigms to achieve better health and economic outcomes. The VitalConnect Platform is FDA-cleared, CE-marked and Ninsho Certified. It includes the HealthPatch®MD biosensor and in the US and Europe, the single-use VitalPatch™ biosensor. Vital Connect’s products are designed for use in a broad range of inpatient and outpatient settings for hospital monitoring, post discharge care, cardiac monitoring and pharmaceutical solutions. For more information, please visit