• Former Senior Vice President at Nestlé, Global Head, Ice Cream strategic business unit (CHF 7bn turnover, 22’000 employees, 35 factories, in 32 countries)

  • Country Manager of « Nestlé Suisse » SA

  • General Manager of France Glaces Findus

  • Set up the Corporate Sales & Marketing function for Nestlé France

  • President of Purina Pet Care, France

  • VP Marketing of Coca-Cola/Nestlé joint-venture, launched Nestea and Nescafe globally

  • General Manager of Carnation Dairies, Los Angeles (CA)

  • 34 years’ experience around the world in FMCG marketing, across different product technologies, different business models and distribution systems

  • Former Board Member at ILEC (French Council for Major Consumer Goods Companies)

Charles WOLER
  • Senior managerial positions  in the biotech industry in France and the US, as Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Genfit SA, for Nasdaq-listed biotechnology companies Cadus Pharmaceutical (CEO) and Imclone System (executive committee member), as well as Endotis Pharma (CEO) and Biomnis (CEO)

  •  Chairman of the Board of CitoxLab (services), NovellusDX (Dx) and Ocon Medical (medtech)

  •  Chief Executive Officer of Roche France and President of Smithkline Beecham Europe

  •  35 years experience in the healthcare industry, holding positions of responsibility in SMEs and major French and European pharmaceutical groups ; launched over 15 products

  • GM Deputy of Etat Pur (NAOS group: Bioderma, Institut Esthederm, Dipta)

  • Senior Director EMEA group MEPHA integration in CEPHALON

  • Co-founder of ARROW France as CFO, BU Export & Marketing, and General Manager. CEO of ARROW Portugal

  • Management & procurement roles at MERCK KgAa

  • Financial auditor with DELOITTE

  • International lawyer with more than 15 years of legal practice. 

  • Member of the Board of Directors of Yellowstone Holding AG -Switzerland investment arm of Chailease Group (listed Taiwanese company) – specialised in medtech investments. 

  • Board Member of Eneris Renewables S.A., a Luxembourg based subsidiary of Eneris Group, Polish leader in renewable energy and sustainability.